The Get Set Go programme is a new and exciting initiative to help our Kiwi Kids develop the skills they need so that they can choose and enjoy being more active through play and sport. It is designed for young children between years 1 and 3, and helps them to master the skills that will make participation in games, sport and recreation activities more enjoyable and successful.

These skills include:

  • physical movement skills
  • knowledge and cognitive skills
  • emotional and social skills

Get Set Go encourages the development of these skills through play, games and fun activities, supported by quality resources around assessment, teaching and learning.


Athletics NZ believes that maximising participation is the key to enjoyment and success in Kids Athletics

“Run Jump Throw: More Kids, More Active, More Often”

 Run Jump Throw is Athletics New Zealand foundation programme for teaching athletics specific skills to kids aged 5-11.  It’s based on the philosophy that the development of skills, in a fun environment, is the key to participation. The emphasis is on the development of fundamental movement patterns, and is the foundation to correct movement techniques. We understand that every school is different so we have created a programme that is flexible and can easily fit into every school throughout New Zealand.

 The programme is broken down into 3 areas and includes the following skills:






Long Jump



Triple Jump

Shot Put


High Jump



Pole Vault





Download Get Set Go/Run Jump Throw Programme Information [PDF, 477 KB]

Take a look at the Get Set Go Case Study